Top 100 Music Videos 


90. Drop - The Pharcyde

directed by Spike Jonze

Coldplay’s quite heralded The Scientist might look more professional, but The Pharcyde’s Drop not only came out first, but it’s way more fun, where the band members are doing whatever it crosses their minds. Watch.

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89. SiC Transit Gloria… Glory Fades - Brand New

directed by Marc Webb

Rock star enters a bar... This is not the beginning of a terrible joke, but rather the beginning of a lost Twilight Zone episode. Lead singer thinks, like every rebel soul, he’s in control of everything and everyone when he’s just someone else’s puppet. Watch.


88. The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment - Father John Misty

directed by Drew pearce

We have BDSM (see #17) and we have necrophilia (see #46). We know sploshing and tickling are a thing. But what's the word for wanting to have sex with your own clone? Father John Misty wants to know because he’s convinced he’s not the only one. Because not even Father John Misty can resist Father John Misty’s charms. Watch.


87. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

directed by David GarfatH

MTV rejected the original video of Running Up That Hill and decided to broadcast the live version instead because nobody was lip-syncing the song. Their loss, as icon Kate Bush dances herself away in one of the most sensual and entrancing choreographies of the 80s. Watch.

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86. Breathless - Small Black

directed by Nick Bentgen

Small Black and director Nick Bentgen took their car and drove through the American South and Southwest where they filmed a bunch of teenagers having a good time drinking beer around bonfires, participating in rodeos and exploring abandoned factories. The music video is so vital you can feel the breeze hitting your face. Watch.


85. Cruel - St. Vincent

directed by Terri Timely

What do we do with a housewife that doesn’t function? Because Annie Clark (St. Vincent) doesn’t know how to cook, play with dolls or even shave a man. Clark can play the guitar and compose killer songs, but what is that good for? What do we do? Do we throw her in the bin? Or do we just bury her alive? Annie Clark and director Terri Timely challenge the role of women in society with a black comedy music video. Hurry, let’s cover her in mud before she starts a revolution. Watch.


84. Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

directed by Howard Greenhalgh

In this caricatural but unsettling music video, a black hole sun finally comes to this world and does a thorough cleaning that takes all these grotesque characters out of the way. The end is here, clearly, but nobody seems to notice. Watch.


83. Be - Supercar

directed by Gen Sekiguchi

Our poor protagonist has found himself in a tricky situation: he needs to score a goal in order to save every single person he’s ever met. Why? Just because. But how on Earth is he supposed to succeed when our poor protagonist has never seen Captain Tsubasa or a football match in his life? How can he when there’s a gun pointing at his head? This is bound to fail. Watch.


82. Overrated - Siobhan Donaghy

directed by BIG TV!

The use of a Bodymount camera and a repetitive editing heighten Siobhan Donaghy’s advanced state of inebriation during a wild night out. While most pop videos show frenzied parties where everyone is having the time of their lives, Donaghy would represent its other side, where the disorientated singer doesn’t seem to be enjoying any of it and will definitely not enjoy that upcoming hangover. Watch.

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81. Daydreaming - Radiohead

directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

…and I said to Thom Yorke, “What the hell are you doing in here?” but the dude goes ahead and doesn’t even answer me. And I thought, “F*cking hell, people do whatever these days to promote their new albums.” I followed him, of course, but when I close the door behind me, I found myself in a changing room in a football stadium. And I’m, like, “What?” I asked the maintenance guy where the exit was and he answered me like I was not the first one to get lost in time and space. “Radiohead fan?" he said. "Third corridor to the right.” And I was convinced it was going to take me to the band’s concert, but I ended up in a freaking planetarium. What do I do in a freaking planetarium? Honestly, mate, I would write to you about Daydreaming, and how disconcerting the ending is, and that this music video is one the best works Paul Thomas Anderson has done lately, but, what can I say, mate? I can't write anything because I have no bloody idea where I am. Watch.

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