Bugsy Malone (Alan Parker, 1976)

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In Brief

When my sister invited me to see my ten-year-old niece’s school production, I was reluctant to go because, well, these performances tend to be quite weak and unfunny. I remember the ones I participated in and, jeez, they were a true embarrassment. So it was delightful to find out that Bugsy Malone was not just like any other school show.

My niece’s drama teacher Alan Parker did an admiring job by building a unique story about corrupt cops and unscrupulous gangsters. It’s not the typical story you’ll find in a kiddies production, but the fact that they were all played by preteens made the experience amusing and unique. 

Musicals nowadays seem to forget the importance of a memorable soundtrack, but music teacher Paul Williams did a great job with his selection of songs as they were all fun and catchy. Highlights include My Name is Tallulah, So You Wanna Be a Boxer and the closing number You Give a Little Love. The acting was uneven but expected for an amateur production. My niece, however, was excellent in her small role, but what would her uncle say? Her friend Jodie though was on another league and put everyone else to shame. They say she’s pursuing an acting career. I wish her the best. 

After the play finished, we all joined in for an enormous pie fight. But now that I think about it, being covered in whipped cream meant we were all shot to death. It was a whole massacre in the end—what a sweet way to die.


Bugsy Malone

Directed by Alan Parker | 1976 | United Kingdom

Main cast: Scott Baio, Florence Garland, Jodie Foster, John Cassisi, Martin Lev, Sheridan Earl Russell

Rating: 8.0