Diamantino (Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt, 2018)

Roman Kolinka + Aarshi Banerjee -  Maya

In Brief

Sometimes mindless fun, sometimes just mindless.

Carloto Cotta plays Cristiano Ronaldo Diamantino as a manchild who has too much money and talent but not many cell brains to look after himself. Our hero is so oblivious he gets involved in a political plot without even realising it. The whole movie is purposely ludicrous as it was written by two stoned teenagers, and it's still not much different than any other fanfiction about the famous Portuguese football player. Diamantino could’ve just been as silly as its main character, but it also tries to be Meaningful. Abrantes and Schidmt's sociopolitical intentions are without doubt honourable, but their approach is unsubtle and amateurish. Diamantino, like most comedies nowadays, wants to feel important, but how could you take seriously a movie that includes giant fluffy dogs, brain transplants and a spy dressed as a nun?

The Moment

Blowing a good night kiss



Directed by Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt | 2018 | Portugal, France, Brazil

Main cast: Carloto Cotta, Cleo Tavares, Anabela Moreira, Margarida Moreira, Carla Maciel, Chico Chapas, Maria Leite

Rating: 4.0