Now, Now, Louison (Jean Frémon, 2016)

Spider Woman  by  Louise Bourgeois , 2004

Spider Woman by Louise Bourgeois, 2004

Now, now, Louison, calme-toi, because it was your friend, Jean, Jean Frémon, remember him?, who wrote this biographical novel, and not some random journalist who built your story out of interviews, because we all know you were quite reserved and didn’t speak much, I know that according to your friend Jean, Jean Frémon, you know who I’m talking about, right?, who thankfully didn’t write a lengthy and traditional memoir, that I’m positive you would’ve hated, because they can be such a drag sometimes, can’t they?, but instead tells your story in snippets, in a not-so-chronological manner, and shares your fondness for spiders—to each her own, I guess—and your obsession for mathematical precision, so don’t worry about anything, my dear Louison, because even though your friend Frémon does occasionally fall into some biographical traps—he mentions your childhood, of course, and connects your father’s severity and mother’s early death with your creativity—it is a respectful account of your life and art, that made me find out more about your work, so, now, now, Louison, don’t you worry, ma chérie, it’s all good.


Now, Now, Louison

Original title: Calme-toi, Lison

By Jean Frémon | 2016 | Les Fugitives | 126 pages