The Smell of Starving Boys (Loo Hui Phang & Frederik Peeters, 2016)

Excerpt of  Bad Friends  by  Ancco

A writer born in Laos meets a Swiss illustrator, and they both publish in 2016 a comic book set in Texas back in the 1880s. This globalised world can be so inspiring sometimes. Not always, though.

If westerns are not as relevant as they were back in the old days, it’s because their ideas concerning masculinity, patriotism and the Indians have become obsolete. The Smell of Starving Boys, as most westerns nowadays, revise the genre to question these out-of-date views with a queer-friendly tale that also leaves room for the supernatural.

Even though the story has a one-dimensional villain and makes use of the tired Magical Indian trope, The Smell of Starving Boys is an enthralling book about the figure of man and humanity’s relationship with nature and the past.


The Smell of Starving Boys

Original title: L'odeur des garçons affamés

By Loo Hui Phang, Frederik Peeters | 2016 | SelfMadeHero | 112 pages