The Wind Turns (Bettina Oberli, 2018)

Mélanie Thierry - The Wind Turns (Le Vent Tourné)

In Brief

Poor Pauline (Mélanie Thierry) gets all worked up when, after living in a farm for most of her life, meets Samuel (Nuno Lopes), a Portuguese engineer who arrives to install a big phallus wind turbine on her land. The love affair serves as an excuse for the movie to subtly point its finger to these new alternative lifestyles that resist any type of modern advances. We should be grateful for living in an era with all these technical and medical advances instead of being upset and reluctant at them. Pauline's husband Alex (Pierre Deladonchamps) stubbornly lets all their animals die because he believes a witch doctor would bring better solutions than a real vet. The Wind Turns doesn’t totally condemn this lifestyle though. It smartly includes a subplot that involves a sick girl (Anastasia Shevtsova) whose health improves after staying with them for a few months as a way to compensate that nothing is black or white in this modern world.

The Wind Turns fails to transmit the crudity of the country life by never showing its characters any sign of dirt, bruises or sweat on their faces. Pierre Deladonchamps is too skinny and Mélanie Thierry too pristine to make us believe they’ve been working in those precarious conditions for such a long time.

Spoiler Area

Pauline leaves Alex at the end: good for her. She doesn’t go back to Samuel though. She tells Alex she’s not, but she might be lying. She does give him the whole farm which is a big no-no. Gurl, please, he killed all your animals out of negligence and obstinacy. Don’t feel guilty you’re dumping him: he doesn’t deserve anything.


The Wind Turns

Original title: Le vent tourne

Directed by Bettina Oberli | 2018 | France, Switzerland

Main cast: Mélanie Thierry, Pierre Deladonchamps, Nuno Lopes, Anastasia Shevtsova, Audrey Cavelius

Rating: 6.0