The 100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time


10. Come Into My World - Kylie Minogue

directed by Michel Gondry

The good thing about running in circles is that if you drop something your future self will get it for you. This music video is so identifiable as a Michel Gondry’s work that when Kylie sings Come, come, come into my world, she’s actually inviting you to Gondry’s universe. Watch.

Inspired by Rybczynski’s Tango: Redundant - Green Day | Looking for Love - Karen Ramirez | Imitation of Life - R.E.M. |


09. All Is Full Of Love - Björk

directed by Chris Cunningham

Do android Björks dream of electric sheep or electric elves? If we create robots in order to love someone, can they choose who to love? Isn't forced love a contradiction? Can robots love at first sight? Or do they fall in love with other android Björks because they know they won’t find someone as amazing as her? Watch.


08. Thriller - Michael Jackson

directed by John Landis

Among other things, Michael Jackson’s ambitious Thriller revolutionised the music industry, turn promos in a cultural phenomenon, cemented MTV’s reputation, increased VHS sales and rentals, made his album of the best-selling records of all time, broke barriers for black artists, and scared the hell out of viewers. And what has your favourite movie done? Watch.

Michael Jackson’s Multimedia Extravaganza: Bad | Billie Jean | Speed Demon |


07. Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel

DIRECTED BY Stephen R. Johnson

Ask my 7-year-old self, and he’ll tell you Sledgehammer should be at Number 1, not only for Best Music Video but also for Best Thing Ever. It is, after all, a great introduction for non-Disney animation—the Brothers Quay and Aardmand Animations, among others, contributed to making this video—and excellent music in general. Watch.

Animation Galore!: Strawberry Swing - Coldplay | Move Your Feet - Junior Senior | The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Primus


06. Do The Evolution - Pearl Jam

directed by Kevin Altieri, Todd McFarlane

Human exploitation, unjustified wars, mindless violence and rock and roll: the history of the world summed up in three minutes and a half. Watch.


05. Take On Me - A-Ha

directed by Steve Barron

A young woman gets inside a comic book to escape her monotonous life in A-Ha’s Take On Me, but people should know by now that fiction is not as appealing as it looks. Watch.


04. Bachelorette - Björk

directed by Michel Gondry

A mystical Björk who lives in the forest finds a magical book that begins to write itself. Then she becomes famous, starts a love relationship and goes to the theatre to watch a play about a mystical Björk who lives in the forest and finds a magical book that begins to write itself, becomes famous, starts a love relationship and goes to the theatre to watch a play about a mystical Björk who lives in the forest and… Until everything falls apart and the only solution is going back to the start. Watch.

Venus as a Björk: It’s Oh So Quiet | Venus as a Boy | Wanderlust


03. Everybody Hurts - R.E.M.

directed by Jake Scott

Five tips for not losing your mind when stuck in a traffic jam:

  • Don’t honk or scream at no one in particular.

  • Don’t lose patience—and don’t lose hope either.

  • Listen and sing along to R.E.M. songs to keep yourself distracted.

  • If bored, try to read all the other drivers’ mind.

  • If nothing works, get out of your car and abandon everything. Watch.


02. Vogue - Madonna

directed by David Fincher

Inspired by the modern-house dance originated in the ballroom scene from the late 80s, Madonna, along with David Fincher, has created one of the most stylish music videos ever. In the rap section, Madonna mentions renowned icons like Grace Kelly, James Dean or Marilyn Monroe, and thanks to her highly-influential music video and persona, Madonna should belong to that list as well. Watch.

L-U-V Madonna!: Express Yourself | Material Girl | Nothing Really Matters


01. Sugar Water - Cibo Matto

directed by Michel Gondry

A visual palindrome that only a genius like Michel Gondry could’ve carried out. With the screen split in two, where the left side goes forward and the right one goes backwards, Sugar Water shows both members of Cibo Matto as they wake up, take a shower and send threatening messages at the same time. Sugar Water is one those videos that require repeated viewings in order to discover all of its peculiarities and to marvel at Gondry’s highly-imaginative mind. Thanks to the Internet, we can watch and rewatch it as many as times as we want, because catching a music video from a Japanese trip-hip duo on the MTV would’ve been impossible. Watch.

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