The 100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time


70. Nothing Compares 2U - Sinéad O’Connor

directed by John Maybury

When someone performs a song with such rawness and honesty, there’s no need for visual effects, silly gimmicks or pretentious symbolisms—just a few tears. Watch.

Holding back the tears: No More Drama - Mary J. Blige | Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus | Warwick Avenue - Duffy


69. Capitán América - Las Pelotas

directed by Rodrigo Espina

Holy mother, these Avengers movies are becoming bleaker with each new instalment. Las Pelotas’s criticism to America’s cultural invasion is clearly exemplified when a Homer-like Captain America has to fight against the problems of a developing country. Watch.


68. Pumping on Your Stereo - Supergrass

directed by Hammer & Tongs

After watching music videos where band members beat each other up, and a black hole sun eats a whole American neighbourhood, let’s cleanse ourselves from all the heavy-handedness with a puppet show. Yes, the guys from Supergrass end up decapitated and lose some of their limbs, but everything happens in such a cheerful way that it’ll make us forget all the other dramas. A good example that you can be cool and loveable at the same time, without the need of being cynical. Watch.

Puppets!: Life in Technicolor II - Coldplay | Alfie - Lily Allen | Land of Confusion - Genesis


67. Remind Me - Röyksopp

directed by H5

A Londoner woman’s life get reduced to a PowerPoint presentation of facts and statistics because, after all, we’re all just numbers and you, dear reader, are just another IP address for our website’s traffic. Watch.


66. Human - Carpark North

directed by Martin De Thurah

A Hollister ad gets out of hand in this video where a bunch of kids get bored in a deserted school. They don’t necessarily wreak havoc, but they do have fun in the most unusual ways. Watch.

A Walk Through De Thurah World: Limit To Your Love - James Blake | Best Day - Carpark North | What Else Is There - Röyksopp


65. Heaven Can Wait - Charlotte Gainsbourg (feat. Beck)

directed by Keith Scholfield

In this highly entertaining video, director Keith Scholfield presents a collection of random images that include, among other crazy stuff, a teenager going to the prom with an alien, SpongeBob Squarepants getting tackled by the police and Charlotte Gainsbourg being terrible at tennis. Because why not? Watch.


64. Cry Like a Ghost - Passion Pit

directed by Daniels

Indie actress Tallie Medel gives an incredible performance as the tormented Sylvia who’s trapped in a vicious circle of toxic relationships. Or maybe she’s the toxic one? Sylvia finds herself in a nightmare where she dances, gets laid, get desperate, cries, laughs manically and goes backwards and forwards and backwards again. Watch.

Daniels’ F*cked-up Minds: Turn Down For What - DJ Snake (feat. Lil Jon) | Tongues - Joywave | Simple Song - The Shins


63. This is Hardcore - Pulp

directed by Doug Nichol

Instead of taking us to an X-rated movie, as the song title might’ve implied, Pulp and director Doug Nichol invite us to the behind-the-scenes of a noir film from the 50s with a plot as intricate as any Howard Hawks movie and with a grandiose choreography in the style of Bugsy Berkeley. Watch.


62. Drive - R.E.M.

directed by Peter Care

The set-up is simple: Michael Stipe crowd-surfs through a multitude of fans, including a young Adam Scott. But thanks to its black-and-white cinematography, some strobe light effects and the song itself, Drive becomes quite a dreamlike visual experience. Watch.


61. The Perfect Drug - nine inch nails

directed by Mark Romanek

Enough with puppets and peculiar 80s singers, let’s go back to some existential miserabilism with The Perfect Drug, in which Trent Reznor plays an Edgar Allan Poe-like figure who mourns the death of his son with ounces of absinthe. Happy days! Watch.

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