The 100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time


60. Justify My Love - Madonna

directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

If watching Justify My Love makes you feel like you’re in PornHub instead of YouTube, it’s because the song itself sounds like it’s taken from a no-budget erotic movie. Madonna and Mondino’s rendition to sexual curiosity is more tasteful than sleazy though. Watch. (NSFW)

Erotica: Papi Pacify - FWA twigs | Slow - Kylie Minogue Cherry | I’m a Slave 4U - Britney Spears


59. Element - Kendrick Lamar

directed by Jonas Lindstroem and The Little Homies

In Kendrick Lamar’s follow-up to the already amazing Humble video, Jonas Lindstroem and The Little Homies take inspiration from photographer Gordon Parks and display tableau after tableau of the uncontrolled violence in the African-American community. Watch.

Kendrick Lamar’s Street Life: All The Stars (feat. SZA) | Alright | Humble


58. No More ‘I love you’s - Annie Lennox

directed by Joe Dyer & Annie lennox

In contrast to Baz Luhrmann’s frantic and colourful rendition to the Moulin Rouge, Annie Lennox performs No More ‘I Love You’s in a decayed and gloomy cabaret, in front of a disinterested audience. I used to be a lunatic from the gracious days, sings Lennox with her most manic face, as she were a precursor of the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Watch.

A Diva Like Lennox: Waiting in Vain | Walking on Broken Glass | Why


57. Glósóli - Sigur Rós

DIRECTED BY Arni & Kinski

Everyone knows that plenty of elves live in Iceland, but not everyone knows the Pied Piper of Hamelin is actually from Reykjavik and plays the drums. In Iceland, the Pied Piper is as old as the kids that follow him. In Iceland, kids don't suffer from slavery, but they do sleep in the wilderness. In Iceland, the Pied Pier takes the children to a cliff and… Watch.


56. Chilanga Banda - Café Tacuba

directed by Ángel Flores Torres

A Mexican cab driver takes us on tour of the underworld of a nameless city and introduces us to a varied cast of characters in this tragic tale of moral corruption and criminal impunity. Watch.


55. Stinkfist - Tool

directed by Adam Jones

It’s always ideal if your rock group has, as a member, someone like Adam Jones, who not only plays the guitar brilliantly but has also specialised in visual effects and make-up design, because then your band will boast one of the most recognisable and disturbing videographies. While some people have multiple talents, some others have to settle for publishing a blog like this. Watch.

Tool’s Horror Show: Ænema | Prison Sex | Schism


54. Rabbit in Your Headlights - U.N.K.L.E (Feat. Thom Yorke)

directed by Jonathan Glazer

Tired of being run over again and again by the indifference of passers-by, a homeless man, played by the always reliable Denis Lavant, plans his perfect revenge. One day, Jonathan Glazer predicts, the whole world will do the same. Watch.


53. California - Wax

directed by Spike Jonze

A man in flames runs desperately through the streets of California before the indifference of pedestrians because he very well knows that the worst thing that could happen it’s not to burn yourself alive but to miss the 7.15 bus. Watch.


52. Untitled (How Does It Feels) - D’Angelo

directed by Paul Hunter

That body is not real. It can’t be real. That body is an insult. Chests like those shouldn’t exist. That six-pack is not human. That sweat is unnecessary. That body should be banned. There should be a Parental Advisory label on it. It’s not fair. It’s not… That body… I can’t concentrate with that body. I can’t listen to the song. I’m not so sure there’s even a song. Watch.


51. Telephone - Lady Gaga (Feat. Beyoncé)

directed by Jonas Åkerlund

Bad Romance might be Lady Gaga’s most iconic music video performance, but it was with Telephone that I truly understood her sardonic style. The groundbreaking American singer takes camp to the next level in this hilarious and non-serious tale of two partners in crime that go too far with their revenge plot. There might be no lesson in this music video, but there are plenty of bizarre outfits and transgressive visuals for everyone to enjoy. Telephone would be the culmination of Lady Gaga’s inventive persona where even the product placements feel more Warholian than cheap. Watch.

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