The 100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time


20. A Little Soul - Pulp

directed by Hammer & Tongs

Because rock stars are like little children where you have to tell them every now and again to behave, to do their homework, to leave those video games aside, to stop being freaking lazy and to start, once and for all, composing songs and rehearsing for their concerts. C’mon, people, you’re grown-ups now. Watch.


19. Lullaby - The Cure

directed by Tim Pope

The Cure’s Lullaby is definitely not a lullaby; it’s, in fact, the worst possible song to send you to sleep when you’re suffering from the flu, your bed is covered in cobwebs, and your creepy doppelgänger is watching you from the ceiling. Watch.


18. Freedom ‘90 - George Michael

directed by David Fincher

George Michael wanted to be taken more seriously, so he refused to appear in any of his music videos, and got rid of his Faith image by destroying his distinctive guitar and bursting his iconic jacket into flames. Freedom ’90 stars several Top Models, like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, instead of the British singer, as they lip-sync the lyrics of the song. Singing in your living room has never been this glamorous. Watch.

A Film by David Fincher: Bad Girl - Madonna | Love Is Strong - The Rolling Stone | Downtown Train - Patty Smyth


17. Like a Prayer - Madonna

DIRECTED BY Mary Lambert

Madonna knew how to push other people’s buttons, didn’t she? In Like A Prayer, the ingenious American singer dances in front of burning crosses and kisses a saint in a dream sequence, and, of course, some religious groups got really upset. But beyond all the fuss, Like A Prayer tells a story about racism, doing the right thing and, according to director Mary Lambert, “the relationship between sexual and religious ecstasy”. Watch.


16. Just - Radiohead

directed by Jamie Thraves

While some theorists ask where we come from and where we are going, a whole generation wants to know what on Earth the main character of this music video says at the end. Just includes one of those McGuffin’s that actually work thanks to its killing finale. Watch.

A Glimpse Into Radiohead: I Promise | Knives Out | Paranoid Android


15. Closer - nine inch nails

directed by Mark Romanek

Ever since their beginning, nine inch nails have always shown interest in human depravity with extreme videos that featured self-mutilation scenes, S&M practices, and explicit sexual content. Closer might not be one of their most hardcore offers —it’s a walk in the park compared to Happiness in Slavery, Sin or their short film Broken, which was believed to be a snuff movie for a long time— but its abject imagery is something you can't take your eyes off. Watch.

nine inch nails’ Descent to Hell: Into the Void | We’re in This Together | Wish


14. Doo Woop (That Thing) - Lauryn Hill

directed by BIG TV!

In Lauryn Hill’s first video as a solo artist, 60s Motown and 90s hip-hop coexist in the same frame to prove that, no matter the era, the youths have always had the same worries, hobbies and yearnings. Watch.

Split Screen: Precious Illusions - Alanis Morissette | Closing Time - Semisonic | Alors On Danse - Stromae


13. Cry - Godley & Creme

directed by Godley & Creme

Faces blend together in this simple yet effective music video self-directed by the band. Michael Jackson will later use the same idea for his Black or White video with a bigger budget and more astounding results. But Godley & Creme’s use of an old technique called Analogue Cross-Fading makes it a nostalgic great piece of craftsmanship. Watch.


12. Everlong - Foo Fighters

directed by Michel Gondry

Before Christopher Nolan’s Inception, there was Satoshi Kon’s Paprika. But before Paprika, there was Everlong, by Michel Gondry, where the members of Foo Fighters get lost in series of dreams within dreams within dreams. A nightmare so inventive that, unlike The Cure’s Lullaby, you’ll end up enjoying it. Watch.

Eternal Sunshine of Michel Gondry’s Mind: Army of Me - Björk | Protection - Massive Attack | Hardest Button to Button - The White Stripes |


11. Coffee and TV - Blur

directed by Garth Jennings

Join us for an adventure as our most adorable milk cardboard box tries to find a missing rock star and delves deep into the dangerous British suburbs. Our hero will ride a motorbike, escape from some evil youngsters, and meet first love and tragedy in a matter of seconds. Watch.

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